The inspiration of the earth, or the variations of ceramics

The clichés have a long life and we will see, regularly again, ceramics associated only with craftsmanship. It’s the familiar image of the potter’s wheel, the thousands of tries needed to master this difficult technique. It is a matter of something completely different here, and the visitor will undoubtedly perceive it from the first moment. What is essential, as soon as one enters Geneva in Migration(s) for example, it is first of all the abundance, the variety of shapes, textures, processes implemented. Nothing mechanical, but rather a laboratory of ideas and inventions. Manual skill is present, but the rules of the trade are also transgressed, exceeded, in favor of a free experimentation of the earth. What also surfaces, then, is like a tension present inside these works, the tension of a material worked by a statement, by a reflection, which looks at certain fundamental issues of our contemporaneity. The artists, by shaping the earth, question the world and the human destinies that are woven into it.

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