The Indian politician who burst into tears after getting only one vote when his family is a dozen

Santosh Halpati is an independent candidate who stood in the local elections of his town in India and, despite not having been elected to public office, he made headlines as he received only one vote, his, despite having a dozen of relatives of voting age.

A camera interview recorded by the channel , recorded the moment in which Santosh Halpati he breaks down in tears because he feels disappointed and betrayed by his own family. The video has gone viral on social networks, where it has already accumulated more than 20,000 views on YouTube.

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Cried heartbroken live

The local television channel caught the tears of the young candidate Santosh Halpati when he learned the results of the elections, since he realized that no one supported him in the elections. Elections come and go. But I only have one vote, nor did my family vote for me, he lamented.

Although he ran for the post of sarpanch in the village of Chharwala, in the Vapi district, unlikely to win the jobWhat hurt Santosh Halpati the most is seeing that none of his close to 12 close relatives of voting age supported him with their vote.

Despite the fact that several of his relatives, friends and neighbors promised to vote for him, in the end it seems that they decided not to go to the polls or maybe they chose another candidate, so that finally his candidacy only had one vote, his own. The video is viral on YouTube.

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