The incredible case of the twin sisters who gave birth on the same day

A history made viral for Mother’s Day. We refer to the exciting case of the two twins who shared their journey of pregnancy at social media. The sisters of USAgained popularity in all corners of the Internet, after giving birth on the same day.

Erin Cheplak Y Jill Justinianiwho reside in the city of Yorba Linda (Orange County), were born just one minute apart. The identical twins became pregnant at the same time and the coincidences did not end there.

The experience of motherhood

In 2021, Erin and her husband Zach Cheplak found out they were going to be parents. In that same year, the extended family also received another great news, as Jill also became pregnant by her beloved partner, Ian.

As Jill Justiniani prepared to enter the delivery room on Thursday, May 5, Erin’s water broke and the Cheplaks rushed to the hospital, according to reports. . Through back and forth, both sisters gave birth to baby boys on the same day.

According to information from local media, Jill’s little boy was born by cesarean section and a few hours later his cousin Silas came into the world. Even the newborns had exactly the same weight and measured the same length.

For his part, Zach Cheplak, who is also a twin, was happy because the birth of his son became his perfect early birthday present.

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