The incredible anecdote of Nicolas Cage that made Andrew Garfield laugh


The actors were part of a segment of The Hollywood Reporter where they commented on some funny anecdotes, but one set off the Spider-Man interpreter.

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The incredible anecdote of Nicolas Cage that made Andrew Garfield laugh.
© The Hollywood ReporterThe incredible anecdote of Nicolas Cage that made Andrew Garfield laugh.

The middle The Hollywood Reporter has one of the most popular segments on YouTube today and is “Round table of actors”, where performers from different productions talk to each other about their projects and tell unpublished experiences. In their latest release they were present Simon Rex, Jonathan Majors, Peter Dinklage, Andrew Garfield y Nicolas Cage. The latter told an anecdote and the protagonist of Tick, Tick… BOOM! he couldn’t hide his laugh.

They have been glorious weeks for Andrew, as he created quite a stir among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by returning as his Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home and in the last hours there were rumors of future projects. For its part, Nicolas is going through a great professional moment after being in charge of Pig, with a role that could earn him an Oscar nomination.

+ The Nicolas Cage anecdote that made Andrew Garfield laugh

In a moment of the talk, Majors talked about his preparation with the horses for the film They Harder They Fall from Netflix. It was there that Cage he interrupted him and said: “At least you had a good horse. Mine in ‘Butcher’s Crossing’, called Rain Man, wanted to kill me”, generating the burst of laughter from Garfield, who was at his side and then listened attentively to the rest of the anecdote.

Majors he asked where he filmed that: “En Montana”the actor replied. “I was in Blackfoot Country. Rain Man kept trying to knock me down and trying to make my head hit the ceilings, and then he would get down and try to be nice to him, and he would head butt me. It wasn’t fun.”he added. Full: “I’ve always had good experiences with animals. I always had great experiences with horses, but Rain Man wanted to kill me.”.

Nicolas cage made reference to the filming of Butcher’s Crossing, which took place in October of last year. It is about a western who follows a young man who dropped out of Harvard and seeks his destiny in the west by tying his fate to a team of buffalo hunters led by Miller, the actor’s character, and together they embark on a harrowing journey risking their lives and the sanity of both. At the moment no release date has been announced, but it will be in 2022.

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