The images you did not see during the July 21 parade: Prince Laurent severely reprimanded by Princess Claire (video)

The July 21 parade definitely doesn’t seem to be Prince Laurent’s cup of tea. After being surprised completely disinterested in 2019 – tapping on his phone or looking at his watch – or taking a nap in 2015, King Philippe’s brother again caught the attention of the cameras on Thursday.

While the military parade was still in progress, Prince Laurent wanted to sit down a little too quickly. An attitude noticed and not appreciated by his wife, Princess Claire, who did not fail to reprimand her husband. In the images spotted by the journalist of the Nieuwsblad and specialist in the royal family, Wim Dehandschutter, we see Princess Claire telling him firmly not to sit down.

A little argument during which the Princess kept an Olympian calm, leaving practically nothing to show in front of the cameras and then enjoying the parade alongside Princess Delphine.

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