The huge rant of Emmanuel André: “How long will we accept it again?”

“Let the virus circulate at this point knowing that there are still so many unvaccinated people, it is almost non-assistance to anyone in danger”, writes Emmanuel André in a first tweet. “On the other hand, imposing significant restrictions on those vaccinated is no longer proportional”.

The KULeuven microbiologist continues: “I no longer understand the objective of all these half-measures which, in the face of Omicron and during the months to come, will not prevent, for the vast majority of unvaccinated people, from be infected. The individual risk for exposed unvaccinated people is no higher today than yesterday. But the consequence of this “choice”, most often based on false information, becomes more and more burdensome for society. “

“I would like us to stop half-measures without a scientific basis”

“How long will we accept that, to protect people who refuse the vaccine, we close theaters, businesses and schools?” “, Asks the former spokesperson for the fight against Covid-19. “I would like us to stop half-measures without a scientific basis. That we invest massively in air quality. That we make vaccination compulsory. That we are no longer prisoners of anti-vax misinformation, ”he concludes.

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