The House of the Dragon: 7 details you missed in the trailer for the HBO series

HBO has released the new trailer for The House of the Dragon, the first Game of Thrones spin-off series, which lives up to its title, bringing countless dragons and more about the bloody relationship of the Targaryens.

Naturally, by the quick succession of scenes, we ended up missing a lot of details, which bring many connections to the original series.

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With this, we will see seven details that may have missed the fans. Check out the full list below.

bloody throne

The Iron Throne is an object of constant presence in Game of Thrones, but it is very different in The House of the Dragon, more similar to what is described in the books, especially because of one specific detail.

In the trailer we see King Viserys I bleeding, something that comes from the description of the books, about not getting too comfortable in such an important position.

Also, the throne is considerably larger than in Game of Thrones.

two time periods

Another detail that may have been overlooked is that we see two distinct time periods in the trailer for the series.

We see the younger Rhaenyra Targaryen played by Milly Alcock. She discusses strategy with Aunt Rhaenys Velaryon and praying with young Alicent Hightower.

The eldest Rhaenyra is played by Emma D’Arcy. Alicent is played by Emily Carey when she is young and by Olivia Cooke when she is older.

Aemond Targaryen

Many of the characters in the trailer have already appeared in images and posters, but Aemond Targaryen makes his first appearance in this trailer.

Lived by Aemond Targaryen, he is the son of King Viserys I and Alicent Hightower. He is the king’s second eldest son, which complicates the fact that Viserys chose Rhaenyra as his successor, which divides the court.

Aemond wears an eyepatch over an injury from a fight with Rhaenyra’s son, Lucerys.

the dagger

The same dagger used in the attempted assassination of Bran Stark in the first season of Game of Thrones, and which is later used by Arya to kill the Night King, appears in the trailer for The House of the Dragon.

Here it is used by Alicent Hightower, who cries out about duty and sacrifice as she approaches Rhaenyra Targaryen.

The dagger belonged to King Viserys I, which explains how Alicent has access to it.

dragon pit

The Dragonpit appears as a ruin in Game of Thrones, but in the Dragon House trailer we see it in all its splendor.

The place was used for breeding, breeding and keeping dragons. It’s a huge structure, as expected and quite different from what we see in the original series.

Technology for Dragons

Another crucial aspect that we see in the trailer is that there are many more elements, objects, developed for the creation of dragons.

This is only natural, seeing as they are all but extinct (except for Daenerys’ three) in Game of Thrones.

We see collars and possibly even saddles in The House of the Dragon.

the seven

Faith in the Seven also appears in the trailer, as Alicent Hightower appears wearing a necklace with the seven-pointed star.

In the story, Alicent’s ancestors were the first to adopt faith in the Seven, justifying the character’s use of the necklace.

The Dragon House arrives at HBO Max on August 21, 2022.

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