“The house of celebrities”: the real reason why the “Potro” ended up with Michelle Vieth

the house of the famous” 2 has not yet completed a week of release but the Mexican show business has already resonated. The second season of the reality show of the stars, which broadcasts Telemundo and which made its debut on May 10, promises to be louder than its predecessor. And the fact is that the presence of celebrities like Niurka, Toni Costa, Laura BozzoMayeli Alonso and the “Potro” -among others- in a single house for 24 hours, 7 days a week, can generate that and much more.

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Precisely, the last mentioned is now the center of the news in social networks. As it is recalled, Luis Caballero, better known as the “Potro”, had a courtship with Michelle Vieth in 2019, but once the relationship ended, neither of them came out to give reasons for the reasons that led them to break up. .. however, now they know each other.

The 29-year-old Mexican actor and former participant in another famous reality show like “Acapulco Shore”, was caught while chatting with his partner Eduardo Rodríguez, to whom he revealed the reasons why he decided to end the relationship with the Aztec actress beyond the good chemistry, which he assures, existed between the two.

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The couple announced their relationship at the end of 2019 (Photo: Tu casa TV)


Luis Caballero told Rodríguez that Vieth’s ex-husband had no self-control and was still on top of her, so the “Potro” ended up receiving threats. He even found it necessary to change cars to avoid being followed by the artist’s ex.

Her ex-husband got out of control, psychologically (and she pointed to her head), she is very threatened “began by saying Caballero, who assured that Michelle’s ex-partner was controlling and constantly threatened the actress. “I also walked away for my peace of mind, wey”he told Eduardo Rodríguez.

“I had to change cars, with a driver, because he followed me, threatened me… I was already ‘wey, they’re going to kill me,'” the “Potro” continued.who in turn admitted that the age difference with Michelle Vieth -currently 42 years old- was also another factor in the relationship not working.

“Now, we were also on another channel, man… she, with her age, with her children, her responsibilities… I like her unbelievably, but yes, poor thing, she raffles and works, raises her sons, but the bad decisions of the weyes with whom he has been, poor thing!”he added.

The 42-year-old actress has returned to television.  She is now the host of the magazine "Cuéntamelo ya!"
The 42-year-old actress has returned to television. She is now the host of the magazine “Cuéntamelo ya!”


At another time, Luis Caballero stated that he is happy with how Michelle Vieth is doing now, since she has been able to return to acting in soap operas, a profession that she had left relegated because of her ex-husband, who at the time forbade her to act.

“Now she has returned to soap operas, she is doing well, I am happy for her, because she wanted to return to that, but her ex would not let her”, sentenced. Vieth participated in 2021 in the melodrama “Mi fortuna es amarte” and in the second season of the reality show “Bailan las estrellas en HOY”.

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