The hour has struck for Emmanuel Macron, the master of clocks

Emmanuel Macron will have kept us hanging around. It is the least we can say. While the most serious media announced the day after his re-election the imminent appointment of a new Prime Minister, or rather a new Prime Minister, we find ourselves, nearly three weeks later, still hanging on his lips. The predictions on the deadline and the casting will have known many twists and turns, the finish line being cleverly and discreetly postponed several times, from one week to the next, causing an avalanche of speculation in the French press.

One of the last carelessly sown clues: the government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, affirmed on Wednesday May 4 that “the Castex government will go to the end of the first five-year term which ends on May 13 at midnight”, thus confirming that the ceremony of investiture of May 7 was officially useless. We were then at the second “last Council of Ministers” out of three.

However, it was enough for the president to reply this Monday in Berlin that he already knew who would be his head of government at the next Franco-German Council of Ministers in early July for the search for “Emmanuel Macron Prime Minister” to take over the head of obsessions on Google. in France. “But I’m not going to say it here, or now, of course,” added a hilarious Emmanuel Macron alongside Chancellor Olaf Scholz. “We have the right to have a sequence of ideas but to do things in good order.” It should be noted that the president assumes that he will win the legislative elections and will therefore not have to deal with a prime minister of cohabitation in July.

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We can obviously understand the difficulty in finding the rare pearl who, according to the job description released by the Head of State, must be attached “to the social question, the ecological question and the productive question” while being compatible with a majority and a program rather oriented to the right of the center. The Elysée would even have suffered a few refusals from socialists who took malicious pleasure in letting it be known, thereby demonstrating the risks of the interminable wait.

Mastering time

The balancing act of Macron’s “at the same time” in the appointment of a government which must please both the right and the left does not, however, explain everything. This little game was also an opportunity for the president to sign the big return of the “master of clocks”. A mantra dear to Emmanuel Macron since his first candidacy, a way of controlling temporality and showing that he does not give in to the agenda of the press or that of his opponents. By dropping his announcements by surprise, he takes control, he asserts his power and positions himself above the fray. It is also said that he has a habit of arriving very late for most of his appointments.

Another good reason to drag things out: this will have allowed the president to shorten the campaign for the legislative elections as he had reduced that of the presidential elections by drastically limiting his electoral interventions before the first round. By leaving his opponents to argue alone over the distribution of constituencies, a political cuisine that highlights more what divides them than what brings them together, Emmanuel Macron forces them to present themselves in their worst light. And during this time, we do not talk about substantive issues, those that really annoy, such as the retirement age or other social justice issues whose explosiveness was flagrant at the end of the presidential election.

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The reveal, however, cannot be put off any longer. The president needs his fighting government to go to the fire and embody the line, so broad and so difficult to define, of a majority that he must secure in June. He also had to do it himself on Tuesday by addressing his legislative candidates for the launch of his party’s campaign. Very atypical for a President of the Republic. The hour has struck for the master of clocks.

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