"The Hotel of the Famous": what are Alex Caniggia’s work plans after the end of the contest

The Caniggia brothers, strictly alex and charlottethey are very close, although she hates working and Alex with “The Hotel of the Famous” He did whatever needed to be done to stay.

It is logical that the ten million pesos, although there is a 30% tax, are a great attraction for the boy who he is planning to go to Italy and Spain to walk a little with his representative who is there. And Charlotte would join him, according to La Pavada de Chronicle Journal.

The point is that maybe he has to stay until the end of the reality show, so with Melody Light could only leave in August.

Alex Caniggia with Melody Luz, his girlfriend.

It should be remembered that Alex wants to apply to enter “The Hotel of the Famous” of Spain when it is done. They are on it. Boxfish works on it.

“The Hotel of the Famous”: the scandalous resignation of Chanchi Estévez


Before the elimination of his ex-partner, Sabrina Carballo, el Chanchi decided to submit his resignation to the media competition.

It was a total injustice what happened. I consider that nothing was ever reviewed when there were many injustices in many games, I left the contest. To you two, thank you very much for the possibility, for the respect, to all of you, I am very fond of you, but I am leaving the contest. This is my way of vindicating myself with her“, said.

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