"The Hotel of the Famous": they reveal the recording date of the final

“The Hotel of the Famous” It is a great success for El Trece since he bet big and the rating measurements accompany the good walk. This made me think about the future, so They are already planning a new installment of the reality show that brought together many celebrities in a Cañuelas venue.

The Boxfish show, a production company whose CEO Diego Guebel will be in the Martin Fierro 2022 accompanying the members of master chef celebritiesis nearing its final broadcasts, although it still has airtime left.

As reported the Pavada from Daily Chronicle, confirmed -unofficial- the second season, while the recordings of the one being watched would end on May 31. There are nerves in those who are still inside, looking for the 10 million in prize money for whoever is at the top of the competition.

“The Hotel of the Famous” caught many viewers.

As for the detail of participants, they are still in the race Alex Caniggia, Melody Light, sabrina Carballo, Chanchi Estevez, Lisa from bandanaMartin Salwe, locho loccisano and the already nominated Nice Martino. Hot weeks are coming inside the hotel because in the recordings it will be known who or who stays with the biggest prize of Argentine television.

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