"The Hotel of the Famous": Sabrina Carballo and Chanchi Estévez had a terrible fight with threats and accusations of drunkenness

Sabrina Carballo and Chanchi Estévez have a strange relationship in “The Hotel of the famous”. They were a couple a few years ago and during the reality show until they had a fake wedding. several weeks ago strongly arguedand now the scene was repeated: after celebrating Sabrina’s birthday, they quarreled in front of their classmates and it all ended with a strong threat.

Although sometimes it would seem that reconciliation is close, their bond is fluctuating and in the last few hours there has been a strong fight, after the actress’s birthday celebration and it was defined that Majo Martino and Locho Loccisano They will face each other in the H to define the new one eliminated from reality.

It all started when the party was winding down and a small group had a conversation about a strategy for the coming week. “Listen to me, say you want Majo to leave so they cut off Locho’s strategy”Carballo analyzed.

But Estévez was against it: “Tell me your idea, not what he wants”he replied.

“He wants everyone to say we want him gone. If he stays he will continue to play the role of victim. And if he leaves, he will be able to say that we were all against him and that it was going to be impossible for him to win ”continued the discussion, which was taking temperature.

“It’s very easy to say ‘later we’ll get it out with the games’. Did you know? Is not easy”Chanchi indicated, to which his ex blurted out: “Shut up a bit, let me talk, don’t be rude.”

Estévez was surprised by the actress’s accusation. “You’re not letting me talk, Maximiliano. Let me explain what I wanted to tell you, skinny. Are you carrying me?”Said already in an angry tone Sabrina.

The ex-soccer player got up from his chair and left without apologizing to Sabrina, who angrily told him: “Go shit”. Before that, the athlete expressed: “I don’t lose my patience or anything, but who did you eat, stupid?”

After his departure, Estévez told an intimacy: “I had told the boys: ‘Maxi, since he’s screwed up, he’s going to get angry and we’re going to end up fighting and he’s going to leave.’ When he’s drunk, he can’t talk to me.”. And he concluded: “I said that we are in a public place because otherwise I would grab him by the neck and shit him with punches”.

Watch the video of the terrible fight in “El Hotel de Losa Famosos”

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