"The Hotel of the Famous": new details of the construction of the second season

Before the end of the first season of “The hotel of the famous”from Boxfish, the production company, it had been decided to launch a new edition. It is for that reason that Diego Guebel It has already been launched to be able to organize the new reality show.

As reported the Pavada of Daily Chronicle, some errors that were seen in the previous edition are being corrected and seek to improve the art, graphics and games. Likewise, pampita and the chinese leunis will continue to lead the format.

Also, there will be 16 participants that will be under the rules of Gabriel Oliveriwho will once again be the general manager of “The hotel of the famous”. They will also say present Jose Maria Muscari and the chef, Christian Peterson.

LThe producer will change the salaries offered in the previous season due to inflation that the country is suffering. There is also the possibility that the prize will increase, although that is not yet confirmed.

The participants of the first season of “The hotel of the famous”.

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