"The Hotel of the Famous": Matilda Blanco pointed out Alex Caniggia for his lack of hygiene

alex caniggia is one of the participants that causes the most stir in “The Hotel of the Famous”, Mainly because of his romance with Melody Light Y his comings and goings with Majo Martino. In any case, one of those who spoke about the passing of the son of Mariana Nannis in the program they lead Pampita and Leandro Leunis It was Matilda White.

In principle, the fashion consultant commented that at first looked like a possible winner and stressed that he put a lot of effort into the competition. After leaving the house, Matilda White shared the most difficult details of his stay in “Intruders.”

“Didn’t you ask: ‘doWhat am I doing in here with all these people?'” consulted him Florence of the V, to which the designer replied: The craziest time was sleeping with 8 people in a room or sharing a bathroom.”

Then, the former participant of the celebrity contest recalled the different challenges of the game that were very demanding: “The games are really strong. I didn’t want to get into the mud.”

Matilda Blanco spoke about the difficulties of the challenges of “El Hotel de los Famosos”.

In this sense, the driver pointed out: “For me you made a difference when you didn’t want to sleep because of the smells in the room, that you were going to sleep somewhere else.” “We arrived in pieces from so many games, from cleaning the hotel. You bathed as best you could, although some did not bathe,” indicated the image coach about the lack of hygiene of some participants.

Given the curiosity of those present in the study to know who he was referring to, Matilda White explained: “Everyone knows that Alex Caniggia wore a swimsuit for almost two months, so imagine… It was a tremendous thing.”

Alex Caniggia with Melody Luz in “El Hotel de los Famosos”.

See what Matilda Blanco said about Alex Caniggia’s personal care in “The Famous Hotel”

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