"The Hotel of the Famous": Majo Martino tried to "trash" to Martin Salwe

“The hotel of the famous” it has fewer and fewer participants and the tension between them begins to rise. It is for this reason that everyone targeted Majo Martino. The journalist was not very happy with the plot they made against her and He had a strong discussion with his now ex-friend, Martín Salwe.

“There was an attitude that I did not like, which has to do with the fact that you were not in the staff position. But, equally, I go a little further than that. It would be hard for me to vote for the rest. And today, the truth is, even though I know you and love you, it’s not hard for me to vote for you. It’s not much more than that.”the announcer of El Trece began when he had to give his reasons for voting for the model.

She listened carefully to what he said Martin Salwe and replied: “Today if I have to choose a word that defines it, it is garbage. Beyond that you speak of sincerity, I don’t believe anything you do, absolutely nothing. But that’s what I feel and think. And since I know you, I know that you are in a character and that it serves you; but it works for you right now. Later, it won’t help you.”

At the moment that Majo Martinor had to vote for one of his colleagues, so that he is closer to leaving the reality show of pampita and the Chino Leunis decided to give his former friend his point.

Majo Martino and Martín Salwe in “All against all” in “The famous hotel”.

After “All against all” the relationship was very tense between the participants and the friction is becoming more and more noticeable.

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