"The Hotel of the Famous": Locho Loccisano’s mother broke the silence about reality

locho loccisano is one of the protagonists of “The hotel of the famous”. After the inconveniences of coexistence that he had with several participantsas time goes by, the presenter settles into the reality of pampita and the chinese leunis.

However, the boyfriend spoke for the first time Majo Martino and expressed his feelings by watching the program from home. “I was upset when I saw him like this, because what happened to him is real, there is no doubt about it”expressed Mónica Meroni after the panic attack her son had.

Likewise, She highlighted that the production of the format was behind her and Locho Loccisano, containing them and helping them. “They called me all the time asking me how I was, to reassure me”added the mother of the participant of “The hotel of the famous” in a note he gave to “THE M”.

“There is nothing invented, as he spent it in there, you can see”said Monica Meroni referring to the sayings of Sabrina Carballo. The actress maintained at all times that she did not believe her partner’s panic attack after finishing the “H” competition.

Locho Loccisano during his panic attack after playing the “H” competition.

the mother of locho loccisano closed the interview saying: “Because it’s not scripted, the worst comes out of everyone. It’s strong and you don’t have to be a professional to see this, but a human being, nothing more. What I discovered is that Locho is very brave, and that he is playing for his dream. And that’s okay.”

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