"The Hotel of the Famous": Lissa Vera broke down in tears due to a difficult challenge and threatened to leave the reality show

The Hotel of the Famous” already has a date of what will be the end of the recordingsbut given the success that the reality show of Pampita and Leandro Leunis, A second season would already be underway. The participants are already anticipating the closing of the competition, although the challenges are becoming more demanding.

On Thursday’s broadcast, Lisa Vera was one of thee was exhausted by the difficulty of the physical test that they had to perform. The singer was last, and therefore will become part of the staff and You must secure your place in the maze test.

In the locker room, Lissa commented Alex Caniggia and Locho Loccisano the pain he was feeling in his groin. “It’s the first time I’ve been nominated guys. I’m totally upset,” she commented visibly distressed.

Lissa Vera began to cry in “The Hotel of the Famous” due to physical exhaustion.

Then, the former member of Bandana did not resist anymoreand because of the anguish of the situation he broke down in tears. “I’m already tired, I want to go home. I want to go with my baby”he told Martin Salwewho came over to hug her.

After his crisis, the contestant who recently kissed Emily Lucius, accompanied the artist to the rooms, where her other companions tried to calm her down.It’s going to happen to me” exclaimed the singer, wiping the tears from her face.

Martín Salwe and Locho Loccisano helped Lissa Vera in “El Hotel de los Famosos”.

“Calm down friend”, the son of Mariana Nanniswhile Melody Light contributed: “Everything will be fine. If you need us to bring you food here, whatever you want.”

Look at the moment when Lissa Vera broke down in tears for a demanding test of “The Hotel of the Famous”

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