"The Hotel of the Famous": Chanchi Estévez, Martín Salwe, Sabrina Carballo and Emily Lucius seek to sue the program

Since Locho Locciano had a panic attack inThe Hotel of the Famous”, the issue of bullying in the reality show began to circulate through all the media and networks. The attitudes of the group “La Familia” were repudiated and Martin Salwe and Emily Lucius they were the ones who received the most escraches.

Not only did the viewers question the actions of the couple, but also ex-partners like kate rodriguez and Matilda Whiteand also other figures like Leti Siciliani Y Nai Awadawho asked Emily to be “cancelled”.

Thus, the families of both participants were concerned about the bad reputation that their children are building abroad. In “THE M” reported that Salwe’s family wants the former broadcaster of “show match” give up the competition Y belu lucius for his part, stated that his sister “does not endorse physical or verbal violence in any way.”

On the Wednesday broadcast of “Intruders”, confirmed that there are figures who want to initiate legal action against the production of “The Hotel of the Famous”, for the image they want to give of themselves abroad.

Martin Salwe and Emily Lucius are the participants of
“The Hotel of the Famous” who receive the most criticism.

Florence of the V, advanced in this regard: “There is something that has to do with the program and that they don’t mean itThat has to do with this image distortion that supposedly many of the celebrities who participated feel that they did with them”.

“It is escalating to a point where many of the participants, or at least three confirmed, want to take legal action,” later revealed the driver.

Next, Pablo Layus said the names of those interested in this: “Chanchi Estevez, Emily Lucius, Sabrina Carballo, and Martin Salwe. Some relatives have passed the papers to a lawyer so that he can see what was signed and where it could go. They themselves as participants could not act because they could eat a trial “.

See what they said about the legal actions that the participants of “El Hotel de los Famosos” want to initiate

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