"The Hotel of the Famous": Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz confirmed an exciting news

After Alex Caniggia made the exciting proposal of traveling through Europe to Melody Luzthe participants of “The Hotel of the Famous“they starred in another tender moment when they confirmed a happy news in front of all their companions and chinese leunis.

It all started when the driver visited the hotel and suggested making a couples game that would have a romantic dinner as a prize. “You opened the space of affection, of affection, of love. If at this moment they have to put marital status, what do they put?”, Chino asked Melody and “The Emperor”. Sincere, the dancer from “ShowMatch” assured that “I think today we make it official” and Caniggia added: “Are we a couple“.

Faced with the surprising revelation, the eight remaining participants were left with their mouths open and left the living room with indignation. Martin Salwe could not help expressing his discontent: “The one that was missing, these two rubber bands are dating. They have known each other for two Sundays”. However, the brother of Charlotte Caniggia celebrated their relationship: “Carlita It’s my ragazza, I already have a girlfriend at the hotel”.

After explaining that the idea of ​​their bond is to continue as a couple once they are out of reality, Melody explained how it all happened: “The idea is not to be boyfriends for reality for a game. we feel naturalwe are together all day, so I hope this continues after reality”.

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