"The Hotel of the Famous 2": Pampita’s commercial contracts complicate the production of the program

Although the silence about the recordings of “The hotel of the famous 2” in Cañuelas it works, the truth is that after charlotte’s departureErica García’s accident and those who have already been eliminated, study the dates of the parties.

What to do at Christmas and New Years, whether Boxfish production will allow relatives to come over on those days, and Yes Pampita, who has commitments to international chain hotelsyou can record your forelocks on those days before traveling. In addition, those who are going to join now, since they begin to put together lists that include a famous tiktoker, called Jazmín.

The reality show is already being prepared with strong changes for face the powerful “Big Brother 2”which today monopolizes all the ratings. “The hotel” would initially have about 89 episodes and would be broadcast from the beginning of 2023.

For his part, Locho Loccisano, the main participant of the first season, has already signed to be present in this second stage as a digital host.

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