"The Hotel of the famous 2": Érica García had a serious accident and was replaced by another celebrity

“The Hotel of the famous 2” is preparing to compete with “Big Brother 2022” in what will be a year-end pure reality duel. While the second season of the cycle led by pampita (with a complicated schedule) and the chinese leunisfor the promise to put all the meat on the spit, the games and the script promise to be more challenging. So much so, that Érica García already had to be replaced due to the serious accident she suffered during the recording.

Although the production tries to raise the rating of El Trece thinking about how successful the first season of the reality show was, some conflicts make recording difficult. suffered some low as that of Charlotte Caniggiaand Mimi, Tirri’s girlfriend, who left and returned at the request of her companions.

As revealed the pavada of Daily Chronicle, Erica Garcia (ex of Ricardo Mollo) had an accident in one of the games of “The hotel of famous people 2” and had to be treated. We can now confirm that she had to leave the Cañuelas reality show, due to the recovery of the wrist that she injured. She has the full support of the production company Boxfish and, of course, of Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain and Chino Leuniswho continue recording in full in Cañuelas.

In his replacement now entered the “Hotel of the famous 2”, Flor Ventura, known for presenting music videos, and much resisted by her fellow reality show. And we must also add that Mimi, Tirri’s “girlfriend”, returned at the request of her fellow guests, although she does nothing, not even her bed. She’s lazier than Charlotte. They go there.

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