The host Camille Combal completely drunk during a live: "I blew a fuse"

It has now been more than three years since Camille Combal left the large family of “Touche pas à mon poste” (C8). Spotted by the management of TF1, the former columnist of Cyril Hanouna becomes one of the leading faces of the group. So much so that Camille Combal takes over the animation of many emblematic shows on the front page. Starting with “Dance with the stars”, “Who wants to be a millionaire?”, “Mask Singer” or “A golden family”. But that’s not all. Since joining the TF1 group, Camille Combal has also launched new programs. We think in particular of “Plan C”, “Camille & Images” or “La Grande Incruste”.

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“I did the show while being drunk”

Camille Combal is not only a TV host. For six years, he also provided morning show for Virgin Radio. If this experience is now over since 2020, Camille Combal has very good memories. Moreover, it is a completely crazy anecdote that Camille Combal has just told in an interview for the show “Insomnia” of France TV Slash. While he was supposed to host the morning show of Virgin Radio from 6 a.m., Camille Combal decided to spend his night partying. The alcohol seemed to be flowing freely. Difficult for the facilitator to be in good shape the next day! And above all, he was still particularly alcoholic. “I did the show while drunk. I think I had a blast, I offered 50 iPhones. It’s easy when it’s not you who pays them, but it’s Virgin “, remembers the husband of Marie Treille Stefani. Little interested in the rules of the game, the host wanted to please a multitude of listeners! “All the first to send a photo won an iPhone,” explains Camille Combal. Fortunately, the management of Virgin Radio has been understanding. “The boss was cool, he followed us,” he still slips to our colleagues.


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