The horror this Friday evening in Brussels: he pushes a woman on the subway tracks for no reason! (shock video)

There was an attempted murder in Brussels in the Rogier metro station, this Friday evening, shortly after 7:40 p.m. A victim was pushed onto the metro tracks as a train arrived at the station. The driver of the Stib fortunately managed to carry out an emergency braking and he was thus able to avoid the worst in extremis.

The victim is a woman and she was taken to hospital in shock along with the subway driver. “A person ended up on the tracks. The service was interrupted for half an hour before being restored. The police are investigating,” says An Van hamme, spokesperson for STIB.

The suspect – a young man – managed to flee before being arrested later on De Brouckère’s side. In the images, we see him in a t-shirt with his hands on the straps of his backpack waiting for the arrival of a metro to push the victim in the back just then; which then falls head first onto the subway tracks.

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