The horror in Romania: who killed Youssef, the Brussels student stabbed 17 times, and his girlfriend Iona, who received 33 stab wounds?

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For a month now, the Romanian press has been making headlines on a horrific double murder that was committed in a house in the Moara Vânt district of Iasi. In the bedroom, the lifeless bodies of two young people were found by the police. The 25-year-old man had been stabbed 17 times. Her friend’s body had… 33 wounds. The Romanian investigators then explained that the couple had struggled to escape the assassin who tried to set fire to the bodies. Traces of blood had been found in several rooms of the house rented by the students. Their cat was found dead from poisoning, according to Romanian media.

These two young people were called Youssef Ajniyah and Ioana Vanesa Burlacu (23). He was a second-year medical student (in French) at the University of Iasi. She was in her second year to become a nurse. Although Moroccan, Youssef was from Brussels. On his Facebook page, it is also indicated that he had started his studies at the ULB. It was his parents who, not seeing him return to Brussels last month, reportedly alerted the police. Their son never took the December 10 flight he was supposed to take from Romania.

For money ?

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Since then, the worst stories have been circulating about this horrible news item. Every day, Romanian newspapers go there with their latest scoop. We quote the last sentences spoken on the telephone by the Brussels victim. One wonders who was the owner of the pink thong discovered in one of his dark jackets. It is explained that drunken evenings took place in this villa and it evokes a consumption of hookah. All these questions will not bring the young couple back to life.

The house where the tragedy took place. The couple rented it for €1,000 per month. -DR

A few days after the discovery of their bodies, it was learned that another medical student in Iasi, a Canadian of Moroccan origin, had been arrested in Rome while spending a few days on vacation with his girlfriend. According to our Romanian colleagues, Ahmed EB was the main suspect in this still unsolved case. The latter was a good acquaintance of the couple and, strange detail, he had grown a beard and had put on glasses “so that we do not recognize him”. It didn’t work because Italian policemen were able to arrest him without any problem. Since his extradition to Romania, Ahmed EB has maintained his innocence. He came from an honorable family having, among his relatives, doctors and magistrates.

Ahmed EB was arrested in Rome.
Ahmed EB was arrested in Rome. -DR

According to his lawyer, the Brussels resident still had huge sums of money on him. This could be the motive for the double crime. According to a Romanian media, Youssef also managed an internet sales site which brought him a lot of financial income…

Pierre Nizet

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