The Horrifying True Story Behind Netflix’s Our Father?

Since its debut in the Brazilian Netflix catalog, Pai Nosso? has left viewers shocked. The documentary film follows the bizarre true story of a doctor who – without the patients’ consent – uses his own semen in artificial insemination procedures.

“A woman takes a DNA test and discovers multiple half-siblings, revealing a shocking scheme involving a famous artificial insemination expert,” states the official synopsis for Our Father? at Netflix.

The new Netflix documentary sparks debate on social media and raises an important question: why wasn’t Don Cline held accountable for his terrible crimes after all?

Do we find out the real story of Our Father? and we’ve explained below everything Netflix subscribers need to know about the doctor’s crimes – see below.

Our Father? tells scary true story on Netflix

The Our Father movie? is about the terrifying true story of Don Cline, an American doctor who inseminated more than 90 patients with his own sperm in the state of Indiana.

Since its debut on Netflix, the bizarre plot has caught the attention of subscribers. The success of the documentary proves the public’s interest in real crimes, such as those shown in series like Inventing Anna and documentaries like The Clown Killer.

In all cases, Cline assured patients that the semen used in the inseminations came from donors, and that genetic material from individual donors was never used more than three times.

The promises, after all, were nothing more than lies. Before performing the procedures, Cline masturbated in a sample cup, and then injected his own semen into the patients.

For more than a decade, Cline is said to have inseminated around 90 women with his own sperm. The scope of the doctor’s crimes would never have been revealed were it not for the development of the “genealogy testing” industry.

In recent years, home DNA tests — developed by companies like 23andMe and — have become extremely popular. With them, people can discover the full picture of their ethnic makeup.

It was with one of these tests that young Jacoba Ballard discovered the existence of 7 half-siblings in the Indiana region.

The drama did not end there. After the genetic connection was confirmed, the half-siblings also discovered a relationship to a woman surnamed Cline – a cousin of Don Cline.

A short time later, the Ballards were able to arrange a meeting with Dr. Cline. At the meeting, the retired doctor admitted to having used his own sperm in the artificial insemination procedures.

In the following months, 15 more biological children of Dr. Cline were found in the Indianapolis area.

When The Atlantic newspaper published an article about the doctor’s crimes in 2019, 50 more of Cline’s children had been identified. With the release of Our Father?, the number rose to 94.

Even so, Don Cline’s actions were not viewed as rape or rape under Indiana law.

In the end, Cline was only convicted of obstruction of justice, for lying about using his sperm on patients. The doctor was ordered to pay a tiny fine of $500 and spend 1 year on probation.

Cline also lost his license to practice medicine, but by then, he had already retired.

Currently, numerous “children of Cline” are calling for the doctor’s crimes to be included in US law such as rape or sexual assault.

You can check out more details about Don Cline’s bizarre story in the documentary Our Father?, available on Netflix.

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