The horn of millions: know the unbelievable amount that Shakira earned with songs about the breakup with Piqué!

Shakira has been separated from Gerard Piqué for 6 months and since then, she has proven to her audience that she knows how to transform pain into unforgettable hits. As the lead artist, the singer has already released three songs that address the divorce with the player and all of them have become massive successes on digital platforms.

The first of these was “Te Felicito”, released when the public had not even dreamed that the marriage with Piqué had come to an end. In the clip, she subtly references the famous jelly story. In August, with the separation already announced and all the scandals wide open, she exposed her wounded heart (literally!) in “Monotonía”. In January of this year, it was the turn of the explosive “Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53”, with a series of explicit jabs at her ex-husband and lover, Clara Chía.

Such success may have yielded extremely high revenues to the Colombian singer. According to a study released by the Spanish website Sport with the help of the Activos savings vehicle, Shakira should receive around 21 million euros (the equivalent of R$ 116.2 million reais, at the current price) just for the royalties from the three tracks.

The calculation took into account that Spotify pays 0.037 cents and YouTube 0.0069 cents for each reproduction. Added, the three tracks have already accumulated 1.1 billion plays on each of the platforms.

However, the expectation is that this amount will increase even more. Shakira appears on KAROL G’s new song, “TQG”, released this Friday (24). The song is already among the most listened in the world and accumulates more than 140 million streams in less than a week.


In the first interview after the controversy with Piqué, Shakira spoke of the importance of turning her pain into music in recent months. The singer highlighted that it was a very necessary liberation process for her to find the cure.

“My songs are the best therapy, they are more effective than a visit to a psychoanalyst”, said Shakira, who added: “I think I would be in a very different place if I didn’t have this song, the chance to express myself, to think about the pain.“.

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