The homemade trick with a sponge to clean under the refrigerator

Keep it in mind. There are areas of the house that are difficult to clean, such as the top of cabinets, the edge of tall pictures or under the washing machine. If you are a lover of cleanliness and that your house is always kept neat, this homemade trick It will be of great use to you. You will only need a sponge and a wooden stick or other material to remove all the dirt accumulated between the floor and the base of the refrigerator.

There are several electrical appliances that remain in a specific place in the home for months and that are rarely moved to pass the broom or vacuum cleaner. This is where a large amount of dust, garbage, food remains, among others, gathers. The idea is to move them often to avoid reaching these extremes.

The trick to clean under the fridge

  • Take a new sponge, the kind you use to wash the dishes.
  • Take it in your hand in a vertical position and with the help of a knife make a hole in the lower part, in the softest area, as explained from the account on Facebook.
  • Put a stick of wood or other material in there.
  • Now it’s time to use it to remove all the dirt under the fridge, just put it in the space between the base and the floor and pull everything you find there. Then pick it up.
  • This homemade trick will allow you to clean in the very narrow spaces of your home, where a broom or vacuum cleaner does not enter.
Using the sponge and a stick will help remove all the accumulated dirt. (Photo: capture @elrecetariodejennifer / Facebook)

What to use to clean under the fridge

  • If your idea is better to move the fridge or refrigerator to remove everything that is accumulated, you can use that solution so that everything is impeccable.
  • Mix 1⁄3 cup of white vinegar in a quart of warm water. It is ideal for all kitchen surfaces except stone and clay tiles.

Why should kitchen sponges be changed?

Kitchen sponges often harbor bacteria that can cause illness, according to a study by scientists at Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany, which cites .

In that sense, what they recommend from the University of Sonora in Mexico is “change the sponge at least every 15 days to avoid infections and diseases”.

kitchen sponge  (Photo: Tomek on Pixabay)
kitchen sponge (Photo: Tomek on Pixabay)

What are the signs to change kitchen sponges?

From its first use, microorganisms can multiply in kitchen sponges and, after a month, they already reach a “concentration of concern”, according to the website. There are, however, some signs that you should be aware of to replace this tool, according to the advice of Scotch Brite.

  • Bad smell.
  • Sticky feeling to the touch.
  • Black dots on the sponge or white on the fiber.
  • The fiber separates from the sponge.
  • The sponge has lost its original color.
  • It has been deformed or feels very soft.
  • Balls or rolls are made in the fiber.

Why look for alternatives to the classic kitchen sponges?

Most of the sponges used in kitchens around the world are made from polyurethane foam, a material derived from petroleum. Sponges are not recyclable and usually end up in the trash within a few weeks of purchase. That is why loofah, also known as the vegetable sponge, is gaining more and more popularity as a sustainable alternative. Being the fruit of a plant, it is not only natural; It is biodegradable and compostable.

loofah sponge  (Photo: Jan Helebrant on Pixabay)
loofah sponge (Photo: Jan Helebrant on Pixabay)

What is a homemade trick

A homemade trick consists of carrying out a cleaning, repair or other activity, using cheap products that you can find in your home. These products are usually natural or easily accessible, which allows you to solve problems in a jiffy.

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