The homemade trick so that a piece of cake does not dry out in the fridge

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It is the inevitable on birthdays or when you have cravings for something sweet. The cake is one of the most enjoyed desserts, even more so when it has chocolate, strawberries or chantilly cream. If you had a piece of cake left over or bought one and kept it, here we leave you the homemade trick that you should apply so that it does not dry out while it is in the fridge.

And it is that putting it in the refrigerator is the most logical thing so that the ingredients do not decompose and it continues fresh; however, if it stays there for a long time it can lose flavor and become hard as a result of the cold.

How to keep cake in the fridge: homemade trick

  • “If the cake does not have any type of icing or decorations with chantilly, pastry cream or bitumen, you can keep it by covering it with plastic wrap or aluminum foil”they explain from GastroLab. The trick is to cover it well so that it is not in direct contact with the cold of the refrigerator.
  • If you have decorations, it is best to store it in a plastic container, a large hermetic bag, or a large tupperware container that closes completely. This will also help prevent them from absorbing the other flavors in the appliance.
  • Never put your cake in the fridge without covering it, as this will cause it to dry out. Following these tricks will keep it moist and delicious.

How long can a cake last in the fridge?

“If the cake has some kind of buttercream it could keep in the fridge for three or four days. However, if it has cream, cream cheese or fresh fruit, it should not be kept for more than two days”, explain from Ovetus confectionery.

How to preserve a cake with chantilly cream?

To keep a whole cake that has whipped cream in the fridge, put it in a container with a lid and store it for only three days.

How to keep a cake for several days?

“If the cake does not have any type of icing, the correct way to preserve it is to cover it with plastic wrap or transparent paper. If you also keep a hermetically sealed bag inside, the cake will keep perfectly for a week,” they explain from Basque newspaper.

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