The Hollywood actor who turned down Batman and Superman

Playing heroes like Batman and Superman is an honor reserved for few Hollywood stars. But did you know that one actor turned down both DC roles? This interesting curiosity was revived on social networks after the launch of the new Batman movie, which features Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight.

When Robert Pattinson was cast as Bruce Wayne, many DC fans protested. The last thing they wanted was to see Twilight’s “glowing vampire” as Batman.

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But now, with the release of Batman and its enormous success with audiences and critics, even the most ardent critics have given in: the actor was a great choice for the role.

TheThings website revealed the identity of the actor who turned down the roles of Batman and Superman in theaters; check below.

Who is the actor who refused to play Batman and Superman?

The actor who refused to play Batman and Superman – on more than one occasion – is the American Josh Hartnett.

Born in the US state of Minnesota, Josh Hartnett currently lives in the county of Surrey, in the south of England.

The actor remains active, both in front of and behind the camera, but gives preference to independent projects and TV series, moving away from the big blockbusters.

Josh Hartnett rose to fame in the late 1990s playing Michael Fitzgerald on the ABC drama series Cracker.

The star also had major projects in theaters, with films such as Final Proof and The Virgin Suicides (produced by Francis Ford Coppola).

2001 was a particularly busy year for Josh Hartnett, with seven film releases. Two of those releases – Black Hawk Down and Pearl Harbor – were hugely successful, and established Hartnett as a household name in the industry.

At the time, Josh Hartnett was just 22 years old. That’s when he received invitations to play Superman and Batman.

In an interview with Metro, the actor revealed why he turned down DC’s proposals.

“A lot of people wanted me to accept participating in these films. But I’ve always been interested in personal stories, so I didn’t want to associate myself with superhero clichés. At the time, actors had to work hard to get their careers back after playing such characters.”

The actor also reflected on his decision, and said he did not regret the refusal.

“At my age, it would be easy to become a tool. But I was always aware of my decisions,” Hartnett said.

These days, Josh Hartnett is best known for co-starring (with Eva Green) in the horror series Penny Dreadful (pictured above). The actor is also confirmed in the cast of Oppenheimer, the next film by Christopher Nolan.

Batman, with Robert Pattinson, is available at HBO Max🇧🇷

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