The holidays in Turkey of Nicolas, from Brussels, turn into a nightmare: “Every time we went to complain, they said it was almost over”

On vacation in Turkey in Antalya from June 4 to 11, Nicolas and his companion did not have the stay they had hoped for. “When we arrived on Saturday, everything was going very well. It was on Tuesday evening that things went wrong. We heard a lot of noise around 11:15 p.m. and we learned later that it was a sound test for a festival,” explains Nicolas.

Disturbed by the noise, the Brussels resident and his companion went directly to the hotel’s customer service to try to understand the situation. While establishment officials assure that this should not last, new tests take place the next day, this time in broad daylight. The day after, rebelote.

” A hell ”

“Which woke us either in our naps in the afternoon, or in the evening in the middle of the night. Our week has been hell. Each time we went to complain to customer service, they promised that it would soon be over, which was never the case”, specifies the Brussels resident. Because to the great displeasure of the latter, a private concert “worthy of Tomorrowland” was held on Friday June 10 on the hotel’s football pitch until the wee hours, as part of the Dosso Dossi Fashion Show.

It’s too much for Nicolas, who decides to share his ordeal on social networks while tagging the hotel and the travel agency, with which he made the reservation of his nights. Which then asks him to contact a sales representative present on site. “On Saturday, it had become unbearable. there was noise all over the hotel complex. I wanted to meet the salesperson in question, but he replied that he was there every day, except that day. Annoyed by her reaction, Nicolas replies that the least we could have done was to mention on the site that a concert was planned. To which, the representative of the agency would have replied: “if we had put it, we would not have had a reservation”.

Limited compensation

“They reproached us for not having complained from the start to the agency, which would have changed our hotel. What good is it since the hotel promised us that the noise would stop, ”protests the Brussels resident. And to add: “the day before the show, when we threatened them with an article in the Belgian newspapers, they offered us… a VIP breakfast or to change our hotel for the last night, which we we refused. This is not what will compensate for four days of loss.

While Nicolas and his partner were not the only customers to complain, the agency, with which we tried to get in touch, would not have offered anything more as compensation. What irritate the Brussels, who does not intend to let go of the case.

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