The Hejds boasted a Šumava apartment: A fairy tale in a modern coat!

As is often the case with pair furnishing of apartments or houses, technical matters are taken care of more by a man and a woman who takes into account the final details and design modifications. This is not the case with the Hejds either. “Zorka likes things that go into that detail at the end, so when the project starts, like this one, Zorka is already looking forward to the pillows at the end. And I know there are still months of work to come. ” revealed in an interview for Blesk Míra Hejda.

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Hejd and their apartment in Šumava

Although they indulged in a touch of modern elements, they tried to preserve the Šumava style based mainly on wood and stone. And if wood, only honest! “The whole point was the dream interior of Šumava style, that we will return what was here. The basic principle is the use of wood from old trees, for example, the table we sit at is made of 200-year-old oak, “ Míra explained.

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Podcast Mom: Zorka Hejdová

They also used old wooden beams in the bedroom. The same material then served as a wall covering. Míra took care of that himself, complaining that this >> pipette << lasted for weeks ... “But it’s nice when you have something in the interior that you created with your own hands and you can sign it. It was fun, but it was enough. I’m sure, “ Zorka Hejdová added with a smile.

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