The height of Nina, Adriana Karembeu’s daughter, is surprising: at just 4 years old, she is already very tall!

Adriana Karembeu is a fulfilled woman! For several years, the ambassador of the Red Cross has formed a united couple with Aram Ohanian. The lovebirds are also united in 2014 for better and for worse. Together, they are also the happy parents of a daughter named Nina. But Adriana Karembeu hesitated for a long time before giving birth because of a childhood trauma.

” There are several reasons “, she revealed to Gala. “Obviously, the fact that my father was violent with me, from the age of 6, should not have helped. Subconsciously, I thought that having a child at home was not a good thing. Perhaps, too, I was very afraid of becoming like him. After the birth of my daughter, moreover, I lived more painfully what had happened to me. I wondered how my father could beat me. It woke up in me an incomprehensible pain. But that is in the past”.

“She has my big size”

On a daily basis, Adriana Karembeu takes full advantage of Nina. As a real mother hen, the star does her best to protect her. On the Web, the businesswoman likes to immortalize her happiness… But out of the question for her to reveal the face of her pretty princess. Not a little proud, the actress has agreed to make other secrets about her for our colleagues.

“She has my big size”, confessed the one who can boast of having the longest legs in the world in fashion. “She is a head taller than the others of the same age. But she has her father’s character and I like that. She is a daredevil little girl who loves freedom, and is not afraid of anything. Quite the opposite of me who was so fearful as a child… no doubt because of my family background”. Like her famous parent, little Nina will certainly amaze us in the years to come!


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