The Heath Ledger series and a Virgin River actor that few remember


The Joker actor in The Dark Knight was the great friend of a Netflix star. He knows everything about this beautiful relationship that started in 1996.

Heath Ledger, the faithful companion of a protagonist of Virgin River.
© Getty/NetflixHeath Ledger, the faithful companion of a protagonist of Virgin River.

14 years have passed since the death of Heather Ledger, the Australian actor who in a very short time was able to demonstrate his admirable versatility. Probably his most remembered role is that of joker in Dark Knight, a role that allowed him to win an Oscar, a BAFTA, a Golden Globe and a SAG. But not all were overwhelming successes in the career of this interpreter, since he also led a Serie that very few remember. And that same experience was shared with an actor who today triumphs in Netflix.

Is about Martin Hendersonthe New Zealand artist who personifies Jack Sheridan in Virgin River. The romantic fiction -which is all the rage on the streaming platform- follows the romance of a nurse played by Alexandra Breckenridge and a former marine turned bar owner. As the protagonist of this emotional drama, Henderson showed the most sentimental side of her and fell in love with the subscribers of the red N. But she previously played very different roles.

By keeping a low profile in front of the cameras, what very few know is that Martin Henderson was one of Heath Ledger’s great friends. In 1996, the actors met during the filming of sweatan Australian series that was filmed in Perth. The fiction revolved around the aspiring Olympic athletes of the Sports West Academy, where runners, cyclists, swimmers and gymnasts go through successes and failures both in sports and with their partners, family members and rivals.

That same year, they appeared together in the series Home and Away. In an interview prior to Ledger’s death, the Netflix star said: “Obviously Heath was always talented. I convinced him to leave Perth and move to Sydney, which is like the Hollywood of Australia.”. There is no doubt that they were great friends. In fact, years later the actor who showed off as Joker decided to return the favor to his great partner.

In 2000, Heath Ledger starred opposite Mel Gibson in the film The Patriot, directed by Roland Emmerich. This film meant his first great success and, with the money raised, he did not hesitate to help Martin Henderson. It is that at that time, the actor of Virgin River I came to Los Angeles looking for work. “He was very supportive and very generous. He put me up in his house and gave me some of what he got financially from the film”, concluded.

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