THE HEARTLESS | Rafael confronts his father and Carmelo saves Fernanda’s life

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Leticia, Rafael’s mother, lived with great pain the death of Pachita, Rafael’s nanny, who received a strong blow to the head because of Antonio.

Before she died, Pachita asked Rafael to find out the truth about Fernanda, so that he would realize that she is not heartless.

Antonio thought that since he is the mayor, justice would not reach him. Well, he was wrong, his own son denounced the crime he committed and the last thing he told him was that he will see him in jail.

Octavio surprised his worker Carmelo, when he asked him to kill his wife Leticia.

He was shocked, he asked why but furious, he told him not to question it; he just told her that he wants to be the universal heir and that I don’t need her anymore.

Fernanda tells the truth to Rafael

Fernanda told Rafael that while her father Octavio abused her, the only thing she looked at was a bull pendant that Rafael always wore.

In addition to that, she told him that she initially thought that he was the one who raped her and that is why she shot him; Surprised, he found out that she was the one who put him in a wheelchair. He gave her the divorce papers and some evidence regarding his workers. Despite everything, Rafael and his mother Leticia still doubt that their father raped Fernanda.

Leticia finds out the truth

Carmelo went to the church to murder Leticia, but he couldn’t and that’s why he told her the whole truth about her husband Rafael, who had murdered Fernanda’s husband and also abused her; but that is not all, he told him the other crimes he has committed; Instead of killing her, he cut his hand with a knife and told her that it is most likely that she will never see him again.

Rafael confronts his father

Rafael saw how his own father Octavio forcefully kissed Fernanda; he confronted him and hit him; He threw the pendant he was carrying at him and asked him to leave because he was going to kill him.

Octavio didn’t care at all, he took out his gun and pointed it at his own son; Fernanda got in the way and he shot her, she fell to the floor and Rafael asked her not to shoot him again, he was going to do it when suddenly someone shot him in the back; and it turns out that it was Carmelo who saved Fernanda’s life.

How does Julia end?

Julia ends up selling her body as “La Venenosa”.

Octavio stays alive and vanishes

When Carmelo shot him, Octavio was thought to have died; but he woke up, took the charm of the bull that Rafael had thrown on the floor and nothing more was heard.

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