The heartbreaking life story of a participant of "The Argentine Voice": "I lost my mom…

Yes ok The Argentine Voice” is a reality show in which many happy and joyful moments happen Before the cameras, there are also situations in which emotion invades the Telefe studio, and both the juries, the participants and the public are moved to tears.

This was the occasion on Wednesday night in the program whose coaches are Lali Esposito, Ricardo MontanerSoledad Pastorutti, Mau and Ricky, since the young Paraguayan Andrea Guasch she was moved to tears telling her life story and why she chose the song”I confess” of Kany Garcia.

A year ago I lost my mom there and I couldn’t say goodbyeand this song connects me with her. My brothers and my mother, who passed away last year, stayed in Paraguay; and now my two younger sisters are at home”, explained the participant.

When mom passed away I couldn’t say goodbye because we were in a pandemic and the borders were closed. I was able to travel a month later. She was an arts teacher and she instilled in me music, singing”, Andrea added with some tears in her eyes.

Then, La Sole, who initially asked him if the choice of theme had any meaning, dedicated a moving message to all the people who lost as a result of the coronavirus pandemic: “I know many people who went through the same situation. I want to send a huge kiss to all the people who have had to live through that situation. I’m so sorry”. Moments later, Andrea chose to join the Pastorutti team in “ The Argentine Voice“.

Watch the emotional moment in “La Voz Argentina”!

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