The head of cardiac surgery at the CHU de Liège virulent towards certain non-vaccinated: “Do they realize it?”

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“Since the company is no longer in confinement and that many patients are waiting to be operated, I can tell you that the debate is raging at the moment among the doctors”, we confirm at the CHC of Liège.

“Every day, we hold coordination meetings between the emergency room, intensive care and the operating room to see if the operations scheduled with patients who then have to return to intensive care for 24 to 48 hours can be held, continues the holder. word of CHR. It’s a real game of “tetris” to see which patient can safely leave intensive care and thus free one bed for another. “

➜ Liège hospitals are starting to transfer patients due to lack of space

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“Unvaccinated people put the lives of other patients at risk”

As for the CHU de Liège, some go even further. Jean-Olivier Defraigne is in charge of cardiac surgery and he has just learned that 40% of the heart operations planned in his department will have to be deprogrammed from Tuesday.

➜ The question arises as to whether all covid patients who are not on artificial ventilators must absolutely be kept in intensive care, thus blocking places for other more urgent patients: his full testimony HERE.

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