The HBO Max original movie that broke records on the platform

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HBO Max did not expect such a positive reception for this project that became the platform’s original film with the best premiere.

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The Father of the Bride It’s a reboot of a reboot. Yes, as you read! In this case the original film is from the year 1950 headed by Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. Later the new version would arrive in 1991 with Steve Martin and Martin Short who even achieved a sequel in 1995. Now hbo max premiered on June 16 the third film based on that plot with a new cast of luxury: Andy Garcia, Gloria Estefan, Diego Boneta and Adria Arjona.

Although the executives of hbo max expected a good reception for the film, not even in their wildest dreams could they glimpse that The Father of the Bride It would become the best premiere of an original film on the platform as well as being the number one title in its catalog in the entire world during the first four days of its premiere. Notably batmanwith Robert Pattinsoncontinues to be the most viewed film on the service.

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The film features an overprotective father who learns that his daughter is about to get married. Not only that, she is the one who proposed to her partner, something that Billy Herrera is very struck by. At the same time Sofia’s parents are about to finalize her divorce and this unusual wedding comes at the worst moment in her family life. Will they ruin her daughter’s happiest moment?

The Father of the Bride It is not the only Steve Martin film that came to streaming in the form of a reboot. This year Disney+ launched a current version of Cheaper by the Dozen starring Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union. In this case we are talking about a totally different reception for that project if we take into account the success of the hbo max. Many wonder if The Father of the Bride It will have a sequel like the 90’s movie.

hbo max convened an all-star cast for a movie that became a hit in the catalog and received a solid 81% acceptance rate among movie specialists. Rotten Tomatoes while the general public within that same website with more than 100 reviews averaged 62% maintaining the film as an entry “certified fresh”.

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