The guide to prevent your Xiaomi phone from sudden reboots

Xiaomi is a brand of Chinese origin that offers users mobile devices with good features and at a reasonable price, however, although the smartphone comes with very amazing functions, such as: fast charging in less than 15 minutes, two spaces for manage your social and work life, the “Game Turbo” mode, etc., on certain occasions the computer may present sudden reboots due to having too many processes open simultaneously, would you like to know how to avoid them? It is something that Mag will explain below.

If your cell phone has 100% battery and sudden reboots still occur, you should not necessarily take it to the cell phone service, you can put an end to this uncomfortable problem with conventional solutions. It is likely that it is an operating system error, however, if the failure is detected in the hardware, you will still need the help of a specialist.

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The solution when your Android phone restarts by itself

It is not normal that you phone it turns off and on out of nowhere, the aforementioned error is known as a “bootloop”, it means that the equipment will enter an infinite restart cycle, sometimes the failure is related to the battery, when it overheats too much the cell phones turn off to return to their normal temperature. Follow the recommendations that we will leave you:

Update the operating system

Xiaomi has its own operating system based on the characteristics of Android, which they called MIUI, updates the aforementioned customization layer so that your mobile does not restart out of nowhere. Many times it works.

  • Enter the “Settings” of your cell phone Xiaomi.
  • Then, scroll down and click on the “About phone” > “Software updates” sections.
  • To find out if your mobile has a pending update or if it is already updated, tap on “Download and install” > “Check now for update”.
  • Finally, when there is an MIUI update, click on “Install now” and wait for the process to finish.

Analyze your cell phone

All devices Xiaomi with MIUI 11 or higher, they have the “Security” app that is installed by default. Open it and click on the “Security Scan” option, wait for the process to finish so you can find out if there is a virus-infected application that is altering the normal operation of the mobile device. If the application detects one, the ideal would be to uninstall it immediately.

Enter Android safe mode

What is safe mode Android? is a tool that after enabling it, your smartphone will automatically restart to show you only the pre-installed apps on Xiaomi, those that come by default when you buy a new cell phone, what for? simple, to discover with total security if any of the applications or APKs that you have installed is the one that causes the “bootloop” or infinite reboot. If your phone does not restart in this mode, you will know that there is one or more apps that are causing the problem, usually APKs.

How to enable safe mode?

  • Press for a few seconds the physical button on and off.
  • You will get the options “Shut down”, “Restart” and “Emergency mode”, click on the first one until “Safe mode” appears, touch it.
  • The mobile will restart automatically and the apps or widgets will not be available (they will be shown in grey), it is as if you had turned on the phone for the first time.
  • Uninstall the apps that you consider suspicious to check if the mobile stops restarting.
  • To exit “safe mode” Android and uninstall the apps press the power button again.
  • Wait for the “Restart” option to appear, if it does not appear, press the power button again for 30 seconds to force a restart.

Format your Android mobile?

It is a drastic and tedious decision, since you must make a backup copy and transfer some files to your computer or laptop, however, most of the time it works, otherwise you will have to take it to the technical service so that they can tell you the final diagnosis.

  • Charge your cell phone to approximately 40% and go to “Settings” > “Systems and updates”.
  • Scroll down and click on the “Reset” tab, Android It will ask you if you want to clear all passwords and sign out of various apps.
  • Hit “Confirm” and your terminal will begin to format.
  • When the process is complete, you will see the initial screen that asks you for the language with which you want to reconfigure the smartphone.

What does the NFC button on your Android cell phone mean and what is it for?

  • If you have wondered what the “NFC” button is for, then to make payments without contacts.
  • This means that it can be used very similar to Apple Pay, in which you must download an app to be able to use this function and thus make payments without having to have your physical card.
  • Although this is only found in some countries, it is expected that little by little it will reach a presence in Latin America.
  • On the other hand, with NFC you can also quickly synchronize some devices in your home just by sliding your terminal over the gadgets.
  • Likewise, the NFC will also help you locate items that you cannot find at home and that have a tag.
  • The identification and even the passport can also be carried within the NFC app. However, it is also disabled in several countries, as is the case with the vaccination card.

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