The guards to ensure compliance with covid measures have deserted our supermarkets: will they be back during the holidays?

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A few months ago, the fault of the Covid, restrictions were also taken at the level of supermarkets, in particular by limiting the attendance rate and the number of entries per store. Many brands, in order to enforce the rules, hired guards and stewards at the time. And the unions were also pleased by the fact that customers who were a little nervous, also verbally and sometimes even physically attacked the staff. Even today, at the trade union level, we regret that cashiers have to play gendarmes because, for example, some customers have decided to drop the mask.

What about today ? Most supermarkets no longer use guards because the rules are much less strict, no more limits at the entrance to shops. In addition, on the Codeco agenda of tomorrow, normally, nothing is on the agenda concerning businesses.

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And in a month?

We asked supermarkets if they were going to provide backup for the holidays. All officials have said before all that they will closely monitor the government’s recommendations. But meanwhile…

At Aldi. The brand had installed a green and red light system at the entrances to the stores. The light would turn red when there were too many people. The system still exists but is no longer in operation. “As there is currently no limit on the number of people per square meter and no mandatory access control in stores, we are not using our automatic customer counting system. There is also no systematic deployment of stewards ”. No communication yet for the end of the year.

At Lidl: No more stewards for now anyway. There too, no decision yet for the month of December.

At Delhaize. End of the guards at the entrances as well, even if the sign had been very quickly reactive. Nothing is excluded for the end of the year but nothing is decided either.

At Colruyt. Security was ensured by guards or shop workers who limited the number of shopping carts. “It happens that we provide guards at the level of the most frequented stores or in sensitive areas or following a particular event, etc …. Whether it is all year round, or during the particular period of the end of the holidays. year. It is therefore not systematic and varies from store to store and for different reasons. This regardless of the Covid measures, to which our customers are anyway used now ”, we are told at Colruyt.

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