The Grip of Vice on Netflix: what is this thriller with Alyssa Milano?

In “The Grip of Vice” on Netflix, Alyssa Milano plays a thriller author who decides to investigate the murder of her sister after discovering that she was leading a double life. A film to discover on the streaming platform on January 13.

The Grip of Vice, from novel to film

The Grip of Vice is an adaptation of Nora Roberts’ novel. Directed by Monika Mitchell, accustomed to alternating between Christmas TV movies and thrillers, the film features Grace Miller (Alyssa Milano) a thriller writer. One day, the fiction she tells in her books will unfortunately become reality for her when his sister is murdered. That’s when she will learn that the latter was leading a double life. Indeed, this teacher well in all respects staged herself in erotic videos and had several clients. Following this revelation, Grace Miller decides to participate in the investigation to find the killer. Several suspects will be revealed as and Grace will thus discover the many secrets of her sister.

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The Grip of Vice ©Netflix

Alyssa Milano on Netflix

Offered by Netflix, The Grip of Vice presents itself as a classic thriller with an investigation that will lead to different leads. If the originality is not really what could characterize the film, it could especially interest the spectators for the presence of Alyssa Milano. The actress began her career when she was a teenager. In Madame is served (1984-1992), she played Tony Danza’s daughter. She also performed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter in Commando (1985) before battling in the terrible adaptation of the video game Double Dragon (1994).

Alyssa Milano - Charmed
Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) – Charmed ©The CW

But it was obviously at the end of the 1990s that the actress was truly revealed to the general public with Charmed (1998-2006). For seven seasons she will be Phoebe, one of the three Halliwell witch sisters. Although she has always remained active as an actress or producer, she has not had another role as prominent as in the series.

When to see The Grip of Vice ?

The fans of Charmed and Alyssa Milano will therefore be able to find her on Netflix from January 13 in The Grip of Vice. The cast of the film is completed by the presence of Sam Page, Emilie Ullerup and David Lewis. The actress also shared some behind-the-scenes images on Instagram:

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