The Greens would refuse to take one of the Socialist seats in the Federal Council

If the right offered the Greens a PS seat in the Federal Council after the 2023 legislative elections, the environmentalist party would refuse it, warns its president. “Our goal […] is not to enter the government at all costs and to torpedo our alliance with the PS”.

“This seat, we claim it to advance the ecological cause and, to achieve this, we need two socialists”, explains Balthasar Glättli in an interview broadcast on Saturday by the French-language newspapers of the Tamedia press group.

Refusal of the mandate in the event of election

If a Green were to be elected instead of a Socialist, he would ask him to refuse his election. “We must not enter into this game”, which aims “only to harm the left”.

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The president of the Greens, however, continues to claim a seat on the federal executive. “It is unacceptable that the PLR ​​and the UDC have an absolute majority in the Federal Council, while they are neither in the majority in parliament nor among the population”.

As for the 2023 legislative elections, Balthasar Glättli’s objective is to maintain the 2019 score of 13.2% of the vote, “or even exceed it”. The Zurich national councilor is delighted with the current momentum, the party having recorded the arrival of almost 20% additional members in two years.

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