The Greatest Horror Films of the 80s and 90s that Won TV Series

Older horror fans who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s have nothing to complain about nostalgia. It turns out that some of the genre’s most iconic productions are re-emerging left and right in new retreaded products for the current era. Well, actually no horror fan has anything to complain about, since more and more quality productions, whether on the small screen or on the big screen, debut in droves, making fans happy. But when it comes to nostalgia, some well-known brands certainly hold special value for those who saw their emergence during the aforementioned decades.

The year 2021 again brought new examples of franchises such as Halloween, candy man, Chucky e I Know What You Did Last Summer, just to name a few. All that was missing was the appearance of two horror titans of the 80s: Freddy and Jason. While the dear psychopaths do not rehearse their triumphant return to the entertainment world, we are left with a few worthy substitutes. This article, however, is about these classic films much loved by the public that gained adaptation on small screens as TV series, whether current or old. As shows today have as much power, or even more than movie theaters, starring in their own TV show has become a good undertaking for these icons. Check it out below and be sure to comment.

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We start with the most recent series on the list. Chucky, the horror fan favorite Killer Toy has moved from the big screen to the small screen and stars in its first TV show. Aired on the American channel SyFy, the series proved to be a success with the public and has been showing a good audience – in Brazil it is part of the Disney Star+ collection. Chucky it has already aired five of its ten episodes from the first season, having made its premiere on October 19th, right around the time of Halloween. The series has been involved from the original creators and follows the timeline there of the first film from 1988, which has already yielded seven films – of which the last two had already been released directly on video. Now, with this TV show, Chucky it is once again a hit item among young people. On the other hand, the 2019 remake was equally successful and follows another timeline. And if you get a sequel, it can confuse things for the character.

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One of the biggest mistakes that the creators of a production can make is tinkering with solidified material. This almost never works, most of the time it proves to be a risk. Okay, daring can be good, but it takes some familiarity with what fans expect. Going completely against the above item (which has kept its original narrative line since 1988), the reinterpretation of the beloved film ninth changed “everything and a little more” of what fans knew and loved. None of the characters were kept and the plot is now different, bringing only the dynamic “young people have a car accident, which ends up taking a person’s life and now they need to hide the fact”. It’s okay to say that the 1997 film also changed the narrative a lot from its original material, the book of Lois Duncan turning him into a teenage slasher, but let’s face it, how many people knew about the book before the movie? The series premiered on Amazon on October 15th and reached its finale of the first season this week, November 12th.

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Ash vs Evil Dead

Perhaps as confusing as the franchise for the Killer/Chucky Toy, the horror movie series created by Sam Raimi about demonic undead may leave many fans uncomprehending how his story works. It all started, of course, exactly forty years ago with the classic Evil Dead – Death of the Devil, amateur mezzo movie that Raimi made in good faith alongside friends. Between them, Bruce Campbell, who would go on to become one of Hollywood’s biggest jesters, incredibly beloved by the public. Six years later, Raimi finally managed to pull the sequel A crazy night (1987) of the role, and then in this film he recreated part of the original and also continued the story in a kind of remake/reboot/sequence. Then in 1992 would come Army of Darkness, which was more of a comic adventure than a horror. path followed by the series Ash vs Evil Dead, which featured Campbell reprising the role of hero for the first time in more than twenty years. In the meantime, we had a pretty rough remake of the original in 2013. The series premiered in 2015 and ran for 3 seasons of 10 episodes through 2018 – all currently available on Netflix. The franchise will release another movie next year, titled Evil Dead Rise.

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Panic: The Series

The fifth movie in the franchise Panic, titled without the chronology numeral, is scheduled to premiere in January 2022. Fans couldn’t be more excited, that’s because Panic it became an extremely influential film, and its sequels helped shape what we have of teenage horror today, meaning it has lots of references and self-conscious humor. But it must be remembered that this fifth film will be the first not to have the involvement of the creator of everything, the director Wes Craven, deceased in 2015. Craven has directed the four previous films in the franchise. And your last contact with the brand Panic it would be not in the movies, but on TV. It turns out that even in 2015, the first season of the series was aired Scream, which took the concept of movie theaters to small screens, supported by MTV Films. The show had no connection to the movies and not even the killer wore the same costume as Ghostface. In common only the psychological torture that the maniac likes to do with his victims and the structure of the “whodunit”, in which one of the characters would show himself to be the murderer. The series ran for 3 seasons until 2019, with the last one revamping the entire cast, the villain’s uniform, and lasting just 6 episodes.

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We can say that the cult road movie of vampires A drink in hell it was the movie that helped lift the star’s career George clonney at the movies. Also could, behind it we had the collaboration of two true heavyweights in the industry, the screenwriter Quentin Tarantino and the director Robert Rodriguez. The success was great, and the feature would yield two sequels, not in the movies, but launched directly in the video market, capitalizing on the brand. A year before the series premieres Panic, in 2014, A drink in hell debuted its first season in the form of a television series. Airing on Robert Rodriguez’s TV network, the El Rey channel, the program was active for three seasons, from 2014 to 2016, and has all of them in the Netflix collection, as the platform has exclusive exhibition of the series in Brazil . Produced by Rodriguez, the series is a kind of remake of the original film, recounting the trajectory of the criminal brothers Seth and Richie Gecko, now played by D.J. Cotrona e Zane Holtz. Several characters from the original also return recast with other actors.

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Freddy’s Nightmares

Recently here at CinePOP, I wrote an article entirely dedicated to this 80s production. As mentioned at the beginning of the text, the dream (or nightmare) maniac Freddy Krueger is one of the most famous monsters of the seventh art, having started his career with The nightmare time, the same Wes Craven, in 1984. Being interpreted by Robert Englund in every movie in the franchise (with the exception of the 2010 remake), the sharp-toed psychopath had already starred in four movies as he leapt from the big screen to the small screen. The proposal was to capitalize as much as possible on the figure of the burned person, who was very pleasing to children and young people. Every kind of licensed product with your face hit the shelves, so it was only natural that it also had a TV show. Englund reprises the character on the small screens as well, and the format here was that of an anthology, with Freddy presenting the episodes, each consisting of a distinct supernatural horror story, and eventually appearing as the antagonist in some of the chapters. Even Brad Pitt came face to face with one of them early in his career. The series debuted in 1988 and ran for two seasons until 1990.

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And if Freddy had a series to call his own in the 1980s, the other big monster of the time wouldn’t let it go. Jason Voorhees even without speaking a word also had his own show. Or almost. On the contrary Freddy’s Nightmares, the franchise Friday 13 won a series that must have left many fans watching ships – I certainly speak from experience. not for less Friday the 13: The Series won the infamous title in Brazil Shop of Horror. And if you ask what a store would have to do with the maniac who wears a hockey mask to hide his handsome features? Well the answer is nothing. The idea of ​​the producers here was to use only the title to make a mark in the public’s mind. And no Jason.

As John Carpenter planned with the franchise Halloween at the cinema after the second movie, and even Friday 13 on the big screen he even considered, on the small screen the franchise became an anthology, with each episode telling a different horror story. well the truth is that Shop of Horror was more like a predecessor of X file, with two recurring protagonists facing each week a threat of the time. Nominated for two Emmy Awards, the story of the series was about the owner of an antique store, who makes a deal with the devil and turns every object in it into the cursed. Years later, the place is inherited by the niece of the guy Micki (Louise Robey) and her cousin Ryan (John D. LeMay – who would later have the opportunity to face Jason in person, playing another character, in Jason goes to hell, 1993). The pair must retrieve the cursed items to prevent blood from flowing from those who bought them.

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