The great favor that Johnny Depp did to Penélope Cruz before her wedding with Javier Bardem

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about Johnny Deppbut not because of any award or movie he is working on, but because of his legal dispute with Amber Heardwho was his wife for a few years and who has now become his main enemy until the trial ends.

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However, it would be very unfair not to remember the entire career of the American artist, who for a long time embodied iconic characters in the cinema and who are considered cult among his fans. In addition, he has also shared with many colleagues, with whom he has formed a great relationship.

One of those actresses who became friends with Depp is the Spanish Penélope Cruz who also worked alongside him in the Disney saga, “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

That close relationship that both formed on the recording sets was decisive for the actor to do a huge favor to his European colleague for his wedding.

Johnny Depp claimed in a libel trial that his ex-wife Amber Heard threw a bottle at him, cutting one of his fingers. (Photo: Evelyn Hockstein/POOL/AFP)


In 2010 the Spanish Penelope Cruz married his colleague and compatriot Javier Bardem, in a union that remains to this day. However, everything was not as easy as thought, because the couple wanted to hold this celebration in strict privacy.

As usual in this type of situation, the media, mainly photographers, manage to sneak around and take pictures.

Faced with this problem, Johnny Depp made the decision to lend Penelope Cruz his private island in the Bahamas, which he had bought in 2004.

The event was held on Depp’s property and strictly private, as originally planned. This shows that the friendly relationship between the two is very strong, because not everyone does someone a favor from such a hierarchy.

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Spanish actors Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz have been married for twelve years.
Spanish actors Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz have been married for twelve years.


the marriage of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp It started with many illusions of both in 2015, but with time everything would have ended. She accused her then-husband of living through domestic violence hell just a year later.

In 2017 the divorce process would be completed, but in 2018 something happened that made the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor very angry. It turns out that Heard published a column in the Washington Post, in which he spoke again about everything he suffered because of the physical, psychological and sexual assaults he has experienced.

Although he did not mention a specific name as the culprit, everyone understood that it was Johnny Depp, who assumed the same thing and denied the accusations, but not only that, because then he started a lawsuit for 50 million dollars for damages, caused by everything affirmed by his ex-wife.

Amber Heard didn’t sit idly by and countersued for $100 million in defamation, so there’s a lot of bread to be had.

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Amber Heard, in addition to giving details of her marriage to Johnny Depp, which she described as a real hell, told how it was the first time that her then-husband supposedly hit her; not just once, but three times on the same day.

According to his testimony, in which he did not specify the month or year, both were sitting on a sofa when the physical assault occurred. “We were having a normal conversation, there were no fights, there was nothing. He was drinking and I didn’t realize it at the time, but I think he was using cocaine, he had a vial of cocaine.”, he began to narrate. MORE DETAILS HERE.

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