The Gray Man: the Russo Brothers movie with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans is out on Netflix today

The Gray Man is out today on Netflix; the film brought together the Russo Brothers, Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas.

The most anticipated film of the year is about to come out on Netflix! Obviously, we are talking about The Gray Mandirected by the Russo Brothers and starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Dhanush, Regé-Jean Page, Julia Buttes and Billy Bob Thornton.

The Gray Man: Ryan Gosling in a picture

This spy thriller promises entertainment from the first shots taken on the set and from the trailer that allowed the audience to appreciate the alchemy of the high-level performers. Directed by Brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, The Gray Man tells the story of CIA Court agent Gentry, known as Sierra Six, who joined the agency after being picked up from a federal penitentiary and recruited by Donald Fitzroy. Gentry is a highly skilled agent who began his career at the CIA as a mercenary. When an unstable colleague of his, former agent Lloyd Hansen, decides to put a bounty on his head, Gentry finds himself the target of an open manhunt across the globe. Forced to flee, Sierra Six will be helped by a colleague of his, Dani Miranda. Will her help be enough to save him from death?

The Gray Man in Rome: the Italian premiere of the new film by the Russo brothers (PHOTO)

Based on the novel of the same name signed in 2009 by Mark Greaney, The Gray Man focuses on the quality of the story and the dynamite character of the action scenes – the name of the Brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, on the other hand, would be enough to be a guarantee. With a budget of 200 million, the project has established itself as the most expensive Netflix has ever produced. The stellar cast would be enough to justify this figure. Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas create a close-knit trio of actors capable of capturing the attention of the youngest and, at the same time, of a middle-aged audience.

The Gray Man Chris Evans Photo Credits Paul Abell 6

The Gray Man: Chris Evans in a scene from the film

The film is promoted as the beginning of a franchise that Netflix cares about and is extraordinary in building action scenes – never ends in themselves – that span roughly three-quarters of its duration. This global adventure halfway between James Bond and Fast & Furious is filmed in Château de Chantilly in France, Los Angeles, the Czech Republic, Thailand, Austria and Azerbaijan and represents the beginning of a great directorial career. for the Russo Brothers outside of Netflix.

The most electrifying aspect of The Gray Man lies in the total loss of control and the renunciation of realism, which is achieved gradually after explosions and derailments that are more and more electric and bombastic. In support of the idea that the acting performances were excellent, just think that, to prepare for the role of Dani Miranda, Ana de Armas actually consulted a CIA agent who talked to her about the mentality and, more than anything else, of the rules to follow to do well in that field.

The Gray Man is available on Netflix starting today July 22, 2022. Thanks to the big names of Brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, the show is guaranteed and keeps the high expectations! What are you waiting for? In this heat, there is nothing better to do than turn on the air conditioning, lie down on the sofa and experience faster-than-light adventures!

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