The Gray Man on Netflix: in the cast is Ana de Armas, the new Hollywood star

The Gray Man: Ryan Gosling in one sequence

The Gray Man is a candidate for the title of film from the cast with the highest rate of beauty ever made. While you are undecided between who is more charming between Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Regé-Jean Page (the Duke of Hastings in the Bridgerton series), we remove all doubts. The real queen of the film directed by the Russo brothers, available from July 22 on Netflix, is Ana De Armas.

The Gray Man 3

The Gray Man: a sequence from the film

Big eyes, an irresistible smile and an energy that explodes from the screen, capturing the viewer. Born in Havana, Cuba, the actress in The Gray Man plays Dani Miranda, a CIA agent who helps the protagonist, the mercenary Sierra Six (Gosling), save his skin after discovering some sordid secrets of the agency. Bobbed and brightly colored suits, she doesn’t have as much screen time as her male colleagues, but when she’s around she stands out.

Even because Ana De Armas she seems to have got a taste for it with the role of action heroine: in the film Knock Knock (2015) by Eli Roth, one of the first with which she got noticed in Hollywood, she gives a hard time to none other than Keanu Reeves. And perhaps it is no coincidence that she will be the protagonist of Ballerina, a spin-off of the John Wick saga directed by Len Wiseman, in which she will play a killer who wants to avenge her family. Let’s see why she is the one who steals the show in The Gray Man.

Ana De Armas is a perfect action heroine

The Gray Man Chris Evans 1

The Gray Man: Chris Evans in an action scene

In Knock Knock Ana De Armas makes Keanu Reeves suffer as we said. It is thanks to her role in No Time to Die (2021) however that she has convinced everyone of her as an action heroine. In the twenty-fifth film dedicated to James Bond it is Paloma, a CIA agent on duty for just three weeks, who helps 007 in the field. Evening dress and heels, Ana De Armas is perfect: she is beautiful like all the bond girls who preceded her, she beats and shoots like some of them but, compared to her colleagues, she is full of irony. It is she who marks a historical line for the character created by Ian Fleming: for the first time, when Bond mentions that perhaps there could be something between the two, she smiles and calls him to order: they are on duty after all.

The Gray Man: Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling in the hottest action movie of the summer

The Gray Man Ryan Gosling Photo Credits Paul Abell 6

The Gray Man: Ryan Gosling in a photo

For the filming of the film directed by Cary Fukunaga Ana De Armas underwent a hard training: she learned to shoot, she rehearsed the choreography of the fight scenes and she had to do it in a short period of time, as she threw herself on the set of No Time To Die immediately after filming Andrew Dominik’s Blonde (2022), in which she is Marilyn Monroe.

Training that he then resumed for The Gray Man: here too he studied the movements and honed his skills with weapons. On her Instagram profile, the actress thanked the incredible team of stunt-men who helped her prepare for her role in the Russo brothers’ film. Although, in her words, she still runs like a chicken. It doesn’t seem like it to us, but if you say so, who are we to contradict you? We do not doubt, however, that if, as it seems, The Gray Man becomes a franchise, we will often see her Dani Miranda of her.

Ana De Armas’s secret is irony

Maybe the time is finally ripe, but Ana De Armas belongs to a whole new generation of action film stars. In addition to the undeniable phisique du rôle and the will to get involved from an athletic point of view, her secret weapon is irony. She never plays the classic beautiful girl dressed to kill. She and not even the killer all in one piece. Maybe she does, she wants to eliminate who she has in front of her, but she does not abandon the sense of humor, making her characters more human than her. She did it with Paloma and she brought that quality to Dani Miranda in The Gray Man too.

Ryan Gosling: the rise to success, between romantic heroes and killer

The Gray Man Ryan Gosling Photo Credits Stanislav Honzik 2

The Gray Man: Ryan Gosling in a scene from the film

The ability to seamlessly transition from dramatic to comedy tones earned her her first Golden Globes nomination for her performance in Knives Out (2019). In Rian Johnson’s film she is Marta Cabrera, a nurse who assists Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer), patriarch of a wealthy and dysfunctional family.

Ana De Armas’ skill is about to explode thanks to Blonde

The Gray Man Chris Evans Photo Credits Paul Abell 7

The Gray Man: Chris Evans in one scene

Remember these words. Without even having seen the film, but based simply on the first teaser trailer, we are ready to bet that Ana De Armas will earn her first Oscar nomination next year. On September 23, she will be released on Netflix Blonde, a film in which she is the diva Marylin Monroe. Based on the beautiful novel by Joyce Carol Oates, directed by Andrew Dominik, author of prestigious films such as The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford (2007) and the Nick Cave documentary One More Time with Feeling (2016), Blonde has all the credentials to be one of the most popular films of the year. Then it’s a biopic, and Hollywood and the Academy love actors who turn into other stars in its firmament. This will truly be the film that will consecrate the Cuban actress to star.

Ana De Armas gets along well with her co-stars: from Chris Evans to Ryan Gosling

Ana De Armas has this aura of being with which it is very fun and very easy to be together. You have worked several times with various colleagues: everyone speaks well of it. And, at least during the interviews, they seem to be comfortable with her alongside the actress. It was like this with Keanu Reeves, who she also found in Exposed (2016), with Daniel Craig (with whom she worked on both Knives Out and No Time to Die), and with both Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans.

Chris Evans and Paul Rudd, protagonists of Civil War: “Captain America is actually insecure”

The Gray Man Ryan Gosling Photo Credits Paul Abell 5

The Gray Man: Ryan Gosling in a moment of the film

With the first he worked in Blade Runner 2049 (2017), with the second in Knives Out. He found both on the set of The Gray Man and with Evans he also starred in the film Ghosted, whose filming has just finished and will arrive on Apple TV +. In The Gray Man she is the one who tries to separate them, as Chris Evans plays Lloyd Hansen, an old colleague of Sierra Six completely out of the box, who can’t wait to compete with the protagonist.

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