The Gray Man: 3 reasons to see the film with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling

Available on Netflix, blockbuster “The Gray Man” pits Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans in a rousing action thriller. Among the good reasons to watch the Russo brothers’ film: a royal male and female cast, and high-level action…

The Russo brothers bring out the heavy artillery

With The Gray Manavailable on Netflix on July 22, 2022, Anthony and Joe Russo deliver a high-profile action blockbuster, with a royal cast and a hefty $200 million budget. In the program, a destructive hunt for a clandestine CIA agent, “Sierra Six”, performed by Ryan Gosling. This one, nicknamed “The Gray Man”, finds himself the holder of a USB key loaded with compromising secrets. From Bangkok to Prague then Croatia, via Vienna, the private agent Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans) will then do everything to neutralize him and recover the USB key.

A duel at the top between Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans

It is an association, or rather an opposition, which makes you dream. The two actors are having a great time in this muscular game of cat and mouse, with very satisfying action sequences. On the one hand, Ryan Gosling brings a cold phlegm to his charactervery efficient and combat skills impressive. On the other, Chris Evans composes a sociopathic assassin, cynical, cruel, and often funny in his reflections. Their casting works wonderfully, and we do not sulk his pleasure to discover Ryan Gosling in a first role of pure action hero.

The Gray Man © netflix

Female roles far from clichés

Around the two men, several female characters hold their own. There is obviously the brilliant Ana de Armas, perfectly at ease as a woman of action since Dying can wait. She embodies in The Gray Man “Dani”, allied with “Six”. Back to kick some assshe is particularly efficient in this exercise.

Ana de Armas
Dani (Ana de Armas) – The Gray Man ©Netflix

Another royal addition to the cast: Julia Butters. Revealed by her brilliant performance in Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, the young actress plays here the niece of the recruiter and mentor of “Six” (played by Billy Bob Thornton). Suffering from a weak heart, she is protected by “Six”, which allows The Gray Man to deliver more intimate scenes with dialogue off the beat of the action. She then gives flesh to the film and adds a suspense that fits naturally into the plot.

On a more secondary line, Jessica Henwick and Alfre Woodard embody an antagonist and a protagonist respectively, but with complexities that make their characters necessary.

Bond-level action

The execution of action sequences is not always entirely successful – partly due to excessive use of CGI. But the intention is there and it pleases. In the air, on the ground, armed or with bare hands, the characters of The Gray Man so don’t go with a dead hand. The objectives are indeed clear: to equal in scope and effectiveness what can be seen in sagas like Impossible mission Where 007, particularly with regard to pyrotechnics and the use of different vehicles.

And in terms of close combat, we recognize a Jason Bourne shade that is not to displease…

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