The grass that panics cats protects them from mosquitoes

At the University of Iwate (Japan), the researcher Masao Miyazaki and his doctoral student Reiko Uenoyama have more ideas. Specialists in animal behavior, they focus most of their research on the very special relationship that cats have with two plants, catmint and silver vine: they eat or lick the leaves, rub or roll on them. With a proven euphoric effect: the cats are then excited and more playful than usual. It is for this reason that there are many toys that contain dried leaves of catnip or matatabi. Toys that sometimes induce behavior worthy of drug addiction, told last year,, Emmanuelle Titeux, hospital practitioner at the Veterinary University Hospital Center of Alfort (France). “It happened that the owner of a cat was very violently attacked. A cat that lives in a veterinary clinic that I know even goes so far as to monitor deliveries from the central purchasing office because she knows that there will be fresh toys!

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