The Grand Corps Malade scandal at the Victoires de la Musique: for the first time, the artist reacts and answers cash!

On February 11, Laury Thilleman and Olivier Minne will have the chance to present the 37th edition of the Victoires de la musique. For the event, many artists will be present on the Seine Musicale in order to obtain rewards. Angèle, Orelsan, Clara Luciani. The stars are expected to light up the red carpet. Unfortunately, if the guest list is long, some singers, rappers and other slamers will not have the opportunity to make it to the party. Such is the case of Grand Corps Malade which was not named in any category. Disappointed by the choice of the jury, Cyril Hanouna was indignant on the plateau of Touche not at my post. The troublemaker of C8 declared a few days ago: “We will tell the truth. Missing from the list, the biggest record seller: Grand Corps Malade, absent from the Victoires de la Musique. If there is no scheming! I ask everyone to boycott this nameless shit, it’s a hoax, it’s a huge masquerade. It is shameful. ”

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For his part, the performer of the title “Our best years” also reacted to the controversy. Guest on Europe 1 in the program “Culture media” this Friday January 14, Fabien Marsaud did not hide his disappointment. “After the year we’ve had, we’re among the best-selling albums. We have a tour, which we have already started. We do more than forty Zeniths. We have a Bercy open. It’s a bit like our year “, confided the artist to Philippe Vandel before adding:” That year, to be completely absent, not even to be nominated in any category, we were disappointed. true. The Association des Victoires de la Musique justifies its choice. Indeed, according to the latter, the album of Grand Corps Malade would be “out of date” since released in September 2020. A decision that the slammer does not understand. “It is not because my album was released in 2020 that I cannot be named this year, since the proof, Julien Doré, who released his album at the same time as me, there he is named in (the category ) Artist of the year. Their argument does not hold up ”. However, he does not call for a boycott of the show. “Go see the Music victories. There are plenty of fine artists, ”he concludes.

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