The government is gone: now in the electoral game the environmental issue must be central

As expected the Draghi government or “government of the best” there is no more. Rivers of words are being spent in vain in television programs inhabited more and more by the usual courtiers who sing it and dance it so much they are inclined to “sidetrack” from the real problems that even the most distracted is able to see: Droughtfires, skyrocketing prices for foodstuffs, devastating economic crisis for the entire agricultural sector, unprecedented ecological crisis.

But despite this even cumbersome evidence in the “lexicon” of the crisis, no one has spoken and talks about putting a hand to a new environmental governance, the reason first of all the almost biblical problems of recent times: from the pandemic, to war, to the energy crisis, to the climate crisis. We talk again about the old vocabulary of the spread, of the markets that reject Italy and of the internal clashes between increasingly ungovernable factions and interested in bloody power games. This is the real drama of an entire political class tied to old patterns which are the basis of models that have led us straight and in an increasingly accelerated way into this blackout.

We need to get out of this toxic lexicon that will only poison an electoral campaign that promises to be “out of my mind”. Only strong and widespread mobilization from below it can, in perspective, lead us out of these short circuits as noisy as they are irrelevant in addressing the real ecological issues facing the social effects of a crisis that in the autumn risks exploding without mediation. It will be the activism of active citizenship, virtuous municipalities, “circular” businesses and environmental and social “good practices” to make a difference and foreshadowing a gradual – but not too much – transition towards new models of civilization anticipating them with a new vocabulary and above all with examples of good functioning.

Someone tried to mock the relevance that has covered the story the incinerator of Rome (this is the legal term for heat treatment plants!) in the development of the political crisis. This was anything but a marginal issue. And it could only be so! What did the incinerator have to do with the “Aid Decree”? Because, once again, while for 12 years it has not been possible to have a simple implementing decree approved to regulate operational processes of repair and reuse of goods and products, avoiding waste and pollution, in a decree of a social nature a “special law for Rome” was even wanted as a billion-dollar “hustler” (so much the citizens pay!) in favor of the usual dirty industry?

And do not call into question tarot arguments; at least have the courage to hear all the bells! To those who “this incinerator is the answer to the waste crisis in the capital “: we want to respond to the argument that this plant, even if built, would employ at least six years to come into operation. And until then? Will wild boars magically disappear because this “special law” was passed? This is the real demagogy!

And enough with snooty journalists who, always without any adversarial, accuse those who oppose while respecting the law. Is the Arhus Charter that guarantees transparency and democracy for citizens there for the idiots? Plants “decided by politics” e not on the basis of careful investigation environmental and health as followers of the nimby. We too, who won the Zero Waste Strategy in many Italian municipalities by defeating over 40 incinerators – but demonstrating, numbers in hand, and with jobs concretely implemented – said we were blinded by that syndrome!

Then came Europe who proved us right, marrying and elaborating the various packages for the Circular Economy. On the contrary, the management of the very serious environmental problems requires great skill in identifying the best solutions which must however be prepared with real participatory processes and with assessments that are not botched and tamed by the “powerful on duty”. For this reason, for the case of Rome, Zero Waste Italy has delivered a complete plan for over a month to solve the waste situation in Rome. Honor to the 5 Stars who have rightly raised the problem. And frankly we don’t really care if they did it instrumentally or not. The important thing is that they did!

Now, however, an even more important game will be played, the electoral one, and it will not be easy to make it meet the real programmatic challenges we face. We must try giving life to that Ecologist Constituent which is increasingly necessary to place the environmental question at the center of the debate that counts as the “mother of all issues”. For this reason, in the meantime, we will create an Observatory that will monitor and evaluate all programs that political forces will present to citizens to ask for their vote. Obviously starting from issues such as drought, global warming, the health of the planet and the safeguarding of the regeneration of natural assets. Who wants to give us a hand?

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