The government extends the discounts on electricity and gas bills until September. So far more than 20 billion have been allocated against expensive energy

The Council of Ministers has decided to extend the measures to contain the prices of electricity and gas bills and guarantees for companies that store gas. Gas storage facilities in Italy are full to 55% of their capacity, in line with the average for EU countries. The VAT applied to the bills therefore remains at 5% while further reductions are foreseen for the weakest segments of the population. They are allocated over 2 billion to eliminate system costs on electricity bills. For gas bills, 481 million are envisaged to cut VAT, 470 to eliminate system charges and 240 for the brackets up to 5,000 cubic meters per year.

“Today we extended for the next quarter the measures in support of businesses and families” against the high bills “a further confirmation of the government’s commitment. Soon there will be another measure to contain fuel prices, to contain prices. There will be a separate provision by the competent ministries ”, said the Minister of the Family Elena Bonetti leaving Palazzo Chigi.

“In a context of great uncertainty, economic policy aims to prevent the economic recovery from losing too much momentum. We absolutely must avoid a new recession“. This was reiterated by the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, in his speech on the 248th anniversary of the foundation of the Guardia di Finanza. Franco recalled that “2022 should have been the year in which to resume decisively on the path of growth”, instead “from the management of a gradual exit from the supports, we quickly moved on to new support interventions to mitigate the impact of the costs of ‘energy and reflections of war events ”with measures for approx 20 billion between 2021 and 2022 “To which are added the further interventions ordered today by the Council of Ministers”.

The Cdm also approved the extension, for 12 months, of the state of emergency decided as a result of the meteorological events that occurred on the days from 4 to 12 December 2020 in the territory of the provinces of Udine, of Pordenone and the municipalities of Trieste and Muggia, in the province of Trieste.


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